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Paging for the Telephone/Datacom Industry by VALCOM


Save Lives! Prevent Injuries! OSHA requires loudspeaker paging for safety

In large businesses, paging is the ONLY way to provide instant and concise direction for emergencies. Either by voice announcements or tones over speakers, communicate warnings and provide clear evacuation directions in the event of:

  • Chemical Spill
  • Toxic Gas Releases
  • Armed Intruders
  • Crashes
  • Tornadoes
  • Fire


Save computer systems!

An immediate loudspeaker paging announcement can save computer systems from virus attack:

"Attention to all computer users: do not, REPEAT, do not open any e-mails. We are under a virus attack. Log off the network until further notice!"


Save Time! Save Money! Save Orders!

  • Find people fast when not at their desk
  • Reduce expensive long distance callbacks
  • Don't miss calls after the switchboard is closed
  • Background music reduces stress and improves productivity
  • Announce special in-store sales
  • Provide pre-recorded messages during caller hold time

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TeleDATA is a Business Partner and VAR for Avaya Inc.

Small and medium size phone systems from Avaya and Bizfon
Reliable and easy to install low voltage paging systems from Valcom
State of the art passive network components from cabling industry leaders - Avaya, Corning, Ortronics
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